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# What is Xpresser?

Xpresser is a server side and command line framework for Nodejs built using express (opens new window) as it's server.

The need for this framework increased when we needed the following:

# Rapid Development & One language

We got tired of rewriting express required setups for most project. Even when we copy old codes and reuse, we also end up modifying/updating new functions that are not in the old codes repo. Thereby causing chaos and confusion.

# Separate Routes from Controllers.

We see most frameworks do this, but it does not seem right to us when thinking about large applications where you have over 500+ routes. With xpresser-router you define routes in your routesFile and point requests to controllers.

# A Very Flexible MVC structure.

xpresser is the only MVC framework that you can boot up with one file, manually all by yourself with all folders configurable to your choice.

# Reusable, Plug and Play Plugins

express supports plugins but only on the server side. not on your project as a whole. Sometimes there are functions you want to call on Boot before server starts, or group of related task you always perform, and you need them as plug and play.

# Run Commands

In a situation where you have already connected to the database in your project, then you need to run a task on the fly, like maybe convert files and update database. You find yourself importing your database file or maybe do a new database connection to run such task. With xpresser jobs you can run commands with all your connections active, The only difference is: Your server did not start.

# Express vs Xpresser

express is only a server while xpresser is express and more. if you have been looking for extra functions on your express application then xpresser should be your choice.

# Request Example