# Plugins

We see plugins as an opportunity given to developers to extend xpresser as much as they like. Meaning if you want to break your project into modules, or you want to create something nice that anyone using xpresser can plug up to then a plugin is what you need.

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# Explore Xpresser Plugins

Discover our list of plugins to supercharge and enhance your project, created by the Xpresser Team
These plugin names are scoped under the @xpresser namespace.

Plugin Description
@xpresser/auth Auth plugin, includes login and register functions.
@xpresser/env (opens new window) Env Loader, with options to set required Keys.
@xpresser/file-uploader File Uploader plugin
@xpresser/ngrok Add ngrok.io tunnel support to your project.
@xpresser/session Official Session Plugin
@xpresser/sql (opens new window) Sql plugin, using Objection (opens new window) as model.
@xpresser/xpress-mongo (opens new window) Mongodb plugin, using xpress-mongo as model.
@xpresser/params-loader Provides a middleware generator for requiring/loading url params.
@xpresser/meilisearch Easily integrate Meilisearch (opens new window) in your project.
@xpresser/jwt (opens new window) JWT plugin, using fast-jwt (opens new window) as model.